Yet/Already + Present Perfect – A Grammar Lesson

Hi, everyone! How’s it going?

After a long hiatus, I’m finally back. I won’t dwell on why I haven’t posted much here – let bygones be bygones! Fact is, I’m here, and with some (great, if I do say so myself) content to share with you!

The lesson I’m sharing today is one I’m very fond of, not only because of the grammar point it addresses itself, but also because of the material I used to set the topic. And great thing is it lends itself beautifully to teaching other language points as well!

A lot of teachers, whether novice or experienced, find it hard to teach the Present Perfect tense. Not so much because of the tense itself, but rather because of most learners’ reactions to it. I’ve once heard that learning (and mastering) all uses of the Present Perfect is what divides wo(men) from girls/boys, although I believe there are things far more complex than it one should master before any claims are made. Taking the CEFR into account, the Present Perfect is a structure learnt at A2 level in most coursebooks – although here in Brazil, where I’m based, some schools leave it to higher levels. Hopefully, the way I put this lesson plan together, teaching it won’t be a hassle anymore!

As I’ve just said, there are many uses to the Present Perfect. The one I’m aiming at in this lesson is using it to talk about life experiences.

You can find the lesson plan here: Thanks for reading!


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